OFFICE.COM/SETUP - Office 365,2019 Setup Key - login Microsoft is a massive name in the technology world and has released numerous version of the office program. Office 365 is a versatile software program that facilitates accomplishing of several computing tasks with ease.  Which is require signing up for office 365 and successfully registering it to access its full features and use it to the optimum. Visit the for getting your copy of office 365.

Create Microsoft Office Account with

Reasons you need to create an account for office 365

  • Purchase the subscription of office 365.
  • To renewing your subscription of office.
  • To checking the expiry of the office 365 program
  •  For purposes of re-installation in case, some problem occurs.
  •  Managing the activities related to office 365 account

Download Microsoft Office Setup

Ensure that you have space for downloading the office setup. Follow the steps for downloading the setup

  • Proceed with navigating to, which is the official site. Before that input the credentials for logging in, for this purpose you can click on the option that says sign in.
  • Navigate to the procured suite and then click on the option of download that appears just underneath it. Let the file get downloaded to your system. This will take a couple of minutes or seconds, depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Install Microsoft Office 365

Follow the steps to install the setup of office 365

  • Visit – and Download Microsoft Office.
  • Before the download has finished, you can begin by navigating to the directory where the download file is located. In most cases, this will be the folder of downloads.
  • Now, that you have opened the folder, you can continue by double-clicking on the setup file. After this step, a wizard will pop up on your screen; you can click on the ‘I agree’ option for agreeing to the documentations.
  • After this step, when the licensing agreements have completed, you can click on the option of install. For this process, you might get prompted for login credentials of the password and the username.
  • Input the necessary credentials to continue with the installation of office 365 program onto your system. You can follow the instructions that appear on the wizard by clicking on the next tab to complete the Installation procedure.
  • If you wish to change the destination folder settings for installing the office program, you can click on the option of back. The installation process will take some time depending on the speed or performance of your system and the overall RAM capacity of the system.

Activate Microsoft Office Setup

Before the installation with, you will require activating your copy of the office 365 program to validate it onto your system and access the full features. Follow these steps for activating the office 365

  • Proceed with clicking on the start tab and then on the option of all programs and then click again on the app of office 365.
  • When the software opens, you will get prompted for a 25 digit code, which you will require entering to complete the activation procedure.
  • Once you have activated the software, you can then fully access the features of and continue to use it.
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