Simple Ways to Resolve the Microsoft Office Error 1406

Simple Ways to Resolve the Microsoft Office Error 1406

Microsoft is a giant brand in the technology arena. They have infused various methodologies and have come with innovative products for decades. They have paved the way for unlimited experimentation in the betterment of the cyber world. Not to mention their popular windows package that serves as the operating system for billions across the globe. The Microsoft office is a phenomenal package that has helped in executing computing tasks much faster than was thought possible. However, some issues occur related to, such as the office error code 1406, which can be resolved by implementing the steps below.

Launching An Sfc Scan

  • Proceed by navigating to the tab of start on your system and then opening the command prompt window, further typing the command of sfc/scannow.
  • This will start the system file scan that can configure issues related to system files on your computer. You can keep the window of prompt open and wait until the scan reaches completion.

Withholding The Firewall 

  • The windows firewall works best for keeping away system threats, but it sometimes works in the opposite manner debilitating the programs installed on your system.
  • You can go to the start button and click on the section of systems security and then choose the tab of the firewall to access the option available in it.
  • Now toggle the feature that says turn off the window firewall. You are doing this momentarily to ensure this isn’t the cause of the office error code 1406 that appears on your display screen while running the office.

Destabilizing The Firewall Of The Antivirus

  • The antivirus program also has a firewall that can block the new programs from being installed on the computer. You can go to the desktop where the antivirus program shortcut is placed.
  • Go ahead by double-clicking on it and then opening the interface. Switch to the section of settings and then apply the feature that says switch off the antivirus firewall.
  • Once done, you can check if the error code 1406 associated with has been resolved.

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