What Are The Ways To Resolve The Sign-In Errors In Office 365?

What Are The Ways To Resolve The Sign-In Errors In Office 365?

Microsoft office is an extensively used software program that provides provisions for creating analytical reports and attractive presentations. One can use the office.com/setup program for various computing tasks. There are issues related to office programs such as the sign-in error which can be fixed by following the necessary guidelines provided below.

Signing In To The Portal

  • If you are able to log in to the portal but are having issues related to the app, then you can follow the steps. Start with ensuring that you have the correct license that is associated with the account.
  • If the authentication of multi-factor is enabled, then you will require setting up the app passwords.

Other Steps You Can Follow

  • Different errors will appear on your screen based on the situation, and to resolve these errors, you will require ensuring that your subscription hasn’t expired.The user account will need to be enabled.
  • Make sure you are not being locked out from the user account. If you have signed in to your account using the incorrect password, then you can go ahead and input the correct password for logging in successfully.
  • If the user name you entered doesn’t match with your registered user name, then you will run into the office sign in error. To resolve this, you will need to check your credentials related to the sign-in process from the email you received from Microsoft at the time of subscription.
  • If the password you are using is temporary and seems to have expired, then you will require to set the password again to log in successfully. If you appear to be a federated user, then the sign-in functionality will be hindered.
  • If your office 365 subscription is no longer valid, then you can visit the official website www.office.com/setup and renew your subscription of office 365. This can be done by signing in your account and choosing the correct office model and completing the subscription procedure by paying for the software chosen.

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