Is Intelligence One General Ability?

Is intelligence general or specific?

Some researchers argue that intelligence is a general ability, whereas others make the assertion that intelligence comprises specific skills and talents.

Psychologists contend that intelligence is genetic, or inherited, and others claim that it is largely influenced by the surrounding environment..

Is intelligence a single general ability or several distinct abilities?

Others psychologists believe that instead of a single factor, intelligence is a collection of distinct abilities. In the 1940s, Raymond Cattell proposed a theory of intelligence that divided general intelligence into two components: crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence (Cattell, 1963).

Is intelligence a single unitary concept?

The first conclusion is that intelligence is not a unitary concept, but rather there are many kinds of intelligence and therefore single definitions cannot be used to explain this complicated concept.

What are the 4 theories of intelligence?

This chapter reviews major theories of intelligence. The theories are grouped into four major theory types: (1) psychometric theories; (2) cognitive theories; (3) cognitive-contextual theories; and (4) biological theories.

What is G in IQ?

General intelligence, also known as g factor, refers to the existence of a broad mental capacity that influences performance on cognitive ability measures. … Those who hold this view believe that intelligence can be measured and expressed by a single number, such as an IQ score.

Is there only one type of intelligence?

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are seven different forms of intelligence. They are linguistic, musical, spatial, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal and logico-mathematical.