Question: How Do I Claim SkillsFuture Credit?

Can I use SkillsFuture credit for Coursera?

Singaporeans can now use their SkillsFuture Credit for over 18,000 approved skills-related courses.

Based on the number of courses offered, the top 10 training providers are: Udemy.


How do I log into my SkillsFuture?

Please follow the steps below:Step 1: Ensure that you have a valid SingPass account (Click here to register for a SingPass account)Step 2: Visit MySkillsFuture.Step 3: Log in with your SingPass account.Step 4: Upon successful login, you will be guided to complete the First-Time Registration form.More items…

Are udemy courses legit?

Udemy is a legitimate company. Courses are designed to help you learn or enhance a particular skill. … Udemy courses are priced based on the market, though the company does host sales and sometimes an instructor offers discounts to increase sale volume.

How long do skill credit claims take?

SkillsFuture Credit claims for all courses* should be submitted within 60 days before, and up to the course start date. *For Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) offered by overseas training providers, your claim should be submitted within 60 days before and 90 days after the course start date.

Do Singapore PR get SkillsFuture credit?

SkillsFuture Funding & Subsidy To ensure course fees remain affordable, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) provides course fee subsidy for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) on SkillsFuture approved courses. This will be applicable to both self-sponsored and company-sponsored applicants.

How do I claim SkillsFuture credit for udemy?

How do I receive credit / reimbursement for my SkillsFuture course? Ensure that the course is eligible for Skillsfuture Credit at Once you have found a course in the program you would like to take, purchase the course on Udemy using your credit card or PayPal account.

Is SkillsFuture for permanent resident?

Who Is It For? MySkillsFuture is for Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents.

Is SkillsFuture only for Singaporeans?

The SkillsFuture Credit is meant to support individual Singaporeans’ learning needs by defraying out-of-pocket course fees. All Singapore Citizens 25 years old and above will receive the SkillsFuture Credit.

Who is eligible for SkillsFuture credit?

SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. All Singaporeans aged 25 or above will receive SkillsFuture Credit of $500 from January 2016. This will not expire and you may accumulate your credit for a range of eligible courses on MySkillsFuture.

What courses can use SkillsFuture credit?

10 Skillsfuture Courses You Can Claim Now That You Have $500 MoreCourses to learn new skills.Fashion courses for beginners.Culinary classes.Korean classes.Investing course.Earn and Learn programme.

Are udemy courses Recognised?

Udemy certificates are not always recognizable by employers. Udemy is not considered an accredited institution, which means courses will not count toward college credit or continuing education units (CEUs).