Question: How Do You Say The F Word In German?

What is the F word in Russian?

The context is similar to the word ‘f*ck’.

For example, Иди на хуй (‘Idi na hui’) means ‘Go f*ck yourself’ and Хуй знает (‘Hui zna-et’) means ‘Who the f*ck knows.


Is there a German word for fluffy?

For example, flaumweich (fluffy fur); schaumig (fluffy cake or egg); locker (fluffy hair); and kuscheltier (fluffy toy) among others. So there you have it! Fluffy IS a German word. As they say over there, ‘mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist von den Aalen voll!

Which language has the best curse words?

Hungarian. Hungarian swears are so elaborate, piercing, insulting, gory and vivid that they outclass us. Depending on what you want to do. So far the wiki of this answer would say that the best language would be Russian, closely followed by my native Serbo-Croatian.

What does Schiza mean?

Schiza (Greek: Σχίζα) is a Greek island off the southwestern coast of the Peloponnese. According to 2011 census, the island is uninhabited. … It is the largest island of the Messenian Oinousses, an island complex that consists of two main islands (Schiza and Sapientza) and few rocky islets. Its area is 12.3 Km2.

What does Kummerspeck mean?

grief baconKummerspeck is a compound noun composed of Kummer (grief), and Speck (bacon, or lard), so translates literally as ‘grief bacon’.

Is scheisse a bad word?

On it says Scheiß- translates to crappy, but it adds a note that it’s vulgar. In English saying “The weather today is crappy” isn’t really offensive (kinda unrefined but not really bad), but saying “The weather today is shitty” would be. I feel Scheiße on its own is pretty rude.

Why are bad words bad?

Those words are called slurs. And many people consider those the worst kind of bad words. Often people say bad words when they’re experiencing strong emotions, and those words are link to our emotions. … So when we have these strong emotions, we use those words as well,” Bergen says.

Why do Russians love Adidas?

The obsession with Adidas originates with 1980 Moscow Olympics. Sportswear for the Soviet team was manufactured by the German company Adidas. … During the Soviet times Russians had very limited exposure to Western fashion. Everything foreign became cool so everything Soviet was uncool.

What is the longest German word?

Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung1. Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung (36) Officially recognised by the Duden – Germany’s pre-eminent dictionary – as the longest word in the German language, Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung is a 36-letter, tongue-tying way of describing a rather, mundane everyday concept: motor vehicle liability insurance.

What is the English word for Schadenfreude?

It’s obvious that schadenfreude is not an English word—it’s German, and it’s made up of the words Schaden, which means “harm” or “damage,” and Freude, which means “joy.” By definition, schadenfreude means finding joy in someone else’s misfortune.

How do you pronounce Kummerspeck?

kummerspeck. The Germans, again, have a word for this: kummerspeck [ koom-uh-shpek ].

How do you say swear words in German?

German Swear Words, Slang, Expletives and Expressions! The Ultimate and Rather Silly List!German Swear Word, Expletive or ExpressionRough English TranslationFick dich Arschlochf%#@ you a$$holeFick dich in KnieGo f%#@ youself/get stuffedFick dich, Wichser.f%#@ you, jerk-off.fickento f%#@/lay/bang/screw213 more rows