Question: How Far Down Should A Decal Be On A Shirt?

Where do you put the decal on a V neck shirt?

Hold up 4 fingers horizontally, and use this as a guide to place the top of your graphic.

Your 4 fingers horizontally will be about 3-3.5″.

This general rule would be too low for a scoop or v-neck shirt.

We suggest placing the top of your full size graphic about 1 – 1.5″ below the neckline..

How do you center a decal on a shirt?

To find the center of the vinyl decal, fold the weeded design in half making sure it’s the non-sticky side. Only crease the carrier sheet, not the vinyl. Match the lines up from the shirt with the lines from the carrier sheet and press, you’ll have a perfectly centered design in seconds!

How far down do you put a decal on a shirt?

Back Heat Transfer Decal Placement Back designs should be placed using the center crease and four inches down from the center of the neckline.

Can you put a decal on a shirt?

Dress up plain t-shirts inexpensively using vinyl decals. This easy project is great for making team jerseys, family reunions, or just covering a stain on your favorite shirt.

What size should a graphic be on a shirt?

ADULTShirt SizeStandard WidthSuggested Design WidthSmall18 inches9.5-10.5 inchesMedium20 inches10-11 inchesLarge22 inches10.5-11.5 inchesX-Large24 inches11-12 inches3 more rows