Question: Is Big Pay Under AirAsia?

Can I transfer money from BigPay to bank account?

BigPay now lets you transfer money to local and international bank accounts.

BigPay is now making it easier to transfer money using its prepaid Mastercard balance.

They have just enabled local and international bank transfers on the official app..

Can I use BigPay in China?

BigPay makes transferring money to China so convenient (and safe with the right steps), you don’t even have to get up from the couch! All you need is your phone and the BigPay app to get your money transferred in the next 15 minutes.

How does Big Pay make money?

2. If I Use BigPay Overseas, How Does The Currency Exchange Work? … The clincher, according to BigPay, is that there are absolutely no hidden charges. Usually, banks charge hefty markup fees on top of the exchange rate when you pay in foreign currency abroad.

What is the difference between AirAsia and AirAsia big?

What is the difference between BIG Points and Qualifying Flown Sectors? BIG Points are earned through purchases made with BIG Loyalty partners covering the financial services, travel and lifestyle categories, or flying with AirAsia. BIG Points can be used for the redemption of tickets and non-flight related vouchers.

Who owns big pay?

Tony FernandesAirAsia founder and CEO Tony Fernandes officially unveiled BigPay, the budget airline’s new digital payments platform, at the Money 2020 conference in Singapore today.

Can I use big pay for online shopping?

BigPay also has a feature where you can pay the “real exchange rate”. … This feature can also be used if you happen to be shopping online in an overseas store, and don’t want to pay those added fees again (there might be a fee in the future, but for now this is “waived until further notice”).

Where can I use big pay?

You can use your BigPay card anywhere that accepts Mastercard. That’s over 40 million merchants worldwide! Unfortunately, you can’t use your BigPay card in North Korea and Israel. What’s the exchange rate when I use my card abroad?

Which country can use BigPay?

BigPay has made it fast, simple and transparent for you to transfer money overseas from your app. You can transfer money from your BigPay account directly to bank accounts in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Click here for more details on transfer times by country.

Can I withdraw money from BigPay?

How do I withdraw money from BigPay? Easy! 😎 It’s the same as withdrawing money from your bank card. Head to the nearest Mastercard supported ATM, insert your BigPay card, enter your card PIN and make a cash withdrawal.

How do I link my BigPay account to my BIG Loyalty account? Tap on the points icon on the top right corner of your app. Tap ‘Sync your BIG Points’ and enter your login details to link both accounts. What are the benefits of using BigPay on AirAsia?

How do I get a BigPay card?

It’s simple – download our app on the Google Play or App Store, sign up in 3 steps and you’ll receive your BigPay card in no time….Login to your BigPay app:Tap I have received my card.Enter the 3-digit CVC found on the back of your card.Set your card PIN and your card is activated!

Is Big Pay Safe?

BigPay is approved by Bank Negara. Security features that help protect users’ money include fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to verify a user’s identity. While setting up the platform, the system will also ask you to verify your identity and phone number for an extra layer of security.

How do I book AirAsia with BigPay?

How can I save with BigPay?Save on AirAsia flights. access to exclusive sales. pay with BigPay – no convenience fee.Top up with your preferred credit card. transaction is a purchase on your card (it is not a cash advance) earn Rewards points on your credit card.Log in as a BIG member (not a member? Sign up for free)

Is big pay a debit card?

Unlike most e-wallets like vcash and FavePay, AirAsia’s BigPay is based on a Mastercard prepaid card that’s managed fully by its BigPay app. Since it works like a normal credit/debit card, users can make payments at over 35 million Mastercard merchants worldwide.

What is AirAsia big pay?

BigPay Checkout is a payment feature by AirAsia which allows BIG Members to store up to 10 credit or debit card details in their account and enjoy a faster payment process at the checkout page during flight bookings.