Question: Should I Tell My Employer They Overpaid Me?

What happens if your employer accidentally overpaid you?

For employees Where an employer has made an accidental overpayment of wages/salary or expenses (including holiday pay) to an employee, the employer can legally recover this overpayment from an employee by deducting the overpaid amount from future wages or salary (or any money due to the employee if they leave)..

Can an employer take money back if they overpay you?

Under the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – the federal law governing wage and hour issues – employers can deduct the full amount of overpayments to employees, even if doing so would bring the employee’s wages below minimum wage for the pay period.

What should I do if I’ve been overpaid?

What should I do if I think that I have been overpaid?Work out how much benefit you should have been getting.Work out how much you would need to pay back.Decide whether you will have to pay back the overpayment.Decide if they will apply a civil penalty.Tell you what your new award is and what you need to pay back.

How long can an employer collect overpayment?

Timing- An employer can only go back to collect overpayments made in the 8 weeks prior to notifying the employee of the overpayment. An employer has up to 6 years to recover the payment, though in most cases the recovery time is much shorter than 6 years.

Do I have to pay back overpaid wages?

Overpayments can happen when an employer mistakenly believes an employee is entitled to the pay or because of a payroll error. Employers can’t take money out of an employee’s pay to fix up a mistake or overpayment. Instead, the employer and employee should discuss and agree on a repayment arrangement.

How do I correct overpaid wages?

Here are two options:Ask the employee to return the net amount paid and have the payroll service reverse the erroneous paycheck. This approach may work if payroll tax returns have not been filed for the quarter affected. … Reduce the employee’s future wages for the amount of the overpayment.