Question: What Does The Official NBA Ball Feel Like?

What is the official NBA ball?

Spalding NBA OfficialThe Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball has been the official game ball of the NBA since 1983.

This indoor basketball features a full-grain leather cover that provides exceptional feel and touch, setting the standard for ultimate performance and playability..

How long does it take to break in an NBA game ball?

Each ball is bounced about 50 times to help, as Sullivan said, “wake up” the leather and start the break-in process. Around the first week of July, 72 new balls come in, giving teams about two months to use them.

Does the NBA use new balls every game?

So the NBA’s game basketballs are submitted to the officials for pre-game inspection, and are the purvey of the officials (specifically, the crew chief for that game) throughout the game. There’s only one ball, so there’s no monkey business with teams using their own balls every time they gain possession.

How big is an official NBA ball?

29.5″NBA Official Game BallSizeCircumference (inches)AgesOfficial/Full (7)29.5″Official size of Men’s Leagues 13+Mid/Intermediate (6)28.5″Official Size of all Women’s Leagues and youth players ages 9-12Youth (5)27.5″Ages 9 and underMini22″Recreational/Novelty

What Ball does the NBA use 2020?

WilsonNEW YORK – The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. announced a multiyear global partnership today that will make Wilson the official game ball of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), NBA G League, NBA 2K League and Basketball Africa League (BAL).

What is the most expensive basketball ball?

Spalding NBA Official Game BasketballThe Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball is by far the most expensive basketball on this list. It is made from genuine Horween leather.