Question: Why Is There So Many Or Why Are There So Many?

How many is too many or how many are too many?

How many are too many (but you will hear it the other way).

One way to remember this is with the phrase “Many are called but few are chosen”.

This will remind you that “many” takes a verb in the plural form..

What can I use instead of many?


What is difference between everybody and everyone?

Everyone and everybody mean the same. Everyone is a little more formal than everybody. Everyone is used more in writing than everybody: She knew everybody in the room.

Which is correct everybody is or everybody are?

Everybody/everyone is is correct because although you are talking about a group of people, it has been made into one singular group.

Are there many or is there many?

In your use of the noun “many” you mean the plural of the noun “one”, thus you need a plural verb form to agree in number with its subject., “There are many…”. There ARE many is correct because you are talking about ‘many’ which is plural. IS is wrong, because it is singular. E.G. There IS an apple in the bowl.

How do you use a lot of and a lot of?

We use a lot of and lots of in informal styles. Lots of is more informal than a lot of. A lot of and lots of can both be used with plural countable nouns and with singular uncountable nouns for affirmatives, negatives, and questions: We’ve got lots of things to do.

What can I use instead of there is?

Relying too heavily on “there is” can often lead to vague, wordy sentences….Dummy subjects lead to passive constructions, which lead to many further entanglements.Replace “there is” with the true subject. … Introduce a new subject. … Remove “that” … Replace with “exist”

What is the difference between too much and a lot of?

“A lot”, “many” and “too much” are quantifiers – they are used to descibe the quantity/amount of nouns. Basically, they have similar meanings, but if you put them on a scale of increasing intensity, “many” = “a lot” = a large amount of; “too much” = a large amount of (which is more than enough).

How many is too many meaning?

(idiomatic) One or more serving too much of alcohol, which leads to drunkenness. He’s had one too many. noun. 0. 0.

Which is correct there is a lot or there are a lot?

“There ARE a lot of animals” is incorrect. “Lot” is the subject of the sentence and it is singular. “Is” goes with a singular subject, “are” goes with a plural subject. “There ARE lots” is correct because the subject “LOTS” is plural.

How do you say there are many?

there are many / synonymsthere are several.there are a number.there are a lot.there were many.there were several.there are plenty.abounds.there are so many.More items…

Is it correct to say how much time?

2 Answers. “How much time” and “how long” can be used in place of one another in many common situations. In the situation you describe, both would sound natural and be correct grammar. “How long time” is always a mistake.

Why is everyone or why everyone is?

‘Everyone is’ is the correct version. Although ‘everyone’ sounds like a lot of people, it is actually a singular pronoun, and therefore requires a singular verb. Same goes for the indefinite pronouns everybody, anybody, anyone, someone, somebody, anything, everything, no one, nothing.

What word can I use instead of there?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for there, like: in that place, beyond, at a distance, over-there, in that spot, where I point, not here, at that point, yonder, over yonder and at that place.

Is everybody’s correct?

2 Answers. As Robusto says, you should use everyone’s. Neither everyones’ nor everyones is a word. Note that everyone is always singular and cannot be pluralized, which means everyones is incorrect.