Quick Answer: Did Obi Wan Contact Qui Gon?

Why was Qui Gon so weak?

Qui-gon wasn’t weak.

But partially because of his age and because he was facing a fighter different from what he was used to, he was defeated.

As Qui-gon noted during their fight, Maul was very much a student of the Living Force..

Did Obi Wan keep Qui Gon’s lightsaber?

The lightsaber used by Qui-Gon Jinn during the Invasion of Naboo wasn’t as ornate as the weapon used by his former Master, Dooku. … Obi-Wan temporarily gave Qui-Gon’s weapon to Anakin Skywalker after he had built a new lightsaber. Eventually the lightsaber ended up in a memorial in the Jedi Temple.

Was Obi Wan trained by Yoda or Qui Gon?

Obi-Wan Kenobi was Qui-Gon Jinn’s Padawan, but according to The Empire Strikes Back, he was also trained by Yoda at some point in the Star Wars saga.

Did Obi Wan die a virgin?

Obi Wan died a virgin. Qui Gon died because the multitude of STD’s he’d contracted slowed his reflexes down.

Why didnt Qui Gon wait for Obi Wan?

According to the film’s official novelisation, Qui-Gon felt that Maul (who’d just fallen heavily onto his back from a height) was likely weakened and decided to press this advantage without waiting for Obi-Wan to catch up.

Why does Qui Gon Let Darth Maul kill him?

In the main novelisation, the omniscient narrator makes it pretty clear that Qui-Gon is trying very strongly to kill Maul: Qui-Gon pressed hard in the beginning, sensing how dangerous this man was, wanting to put an end to the combat quickly. Long hair flying out behind him, he attacked with ferocity and determination.

Who trained Qui Gon?

Count Dooku, Jinn’s former master. Qui-Gon Jinn was a male human born on the galactic capital of Coruscant circa 80 BBY. Identified as a Force-sensitive, he was taken for training by the Jedi Order and was assigned to the Heliost Clan where he learned lightsaber combat from Jedi Master Tera Sinube.

Why did Qui Gon not disappear?

Qui-Gon taught Obi-Wan on Tatooine. In addition to what has been said, Qui-Gon never mastered the technique like Yoda and Obi Wan after him. … He was never able to manifest as a spirit, only speak to them, and even that was rather difficult.

Why did Palpatine fear Qui Gon?

He was conscious of the Republic’s flaws, believing it compromised too much and had failed to enforce the rights of its subjects. Worse still for Palpatine, Qui-Gon was vocal in his criticisms, and actively worked to find a way around the Republic’s limitations.

Did Qui Gon Love Obi Wan?

Qui Gon and Obi Wan will always have this deep relationship,the only kind of relationship a master and apprentice have. Just like Anakin and Obi Wan,and most likely Qui gon and Dooku. He focuses on Anakin more because he needs his attention more,Obi Wan is grown up and ready for knighthood.

Why did Qui Gon die?

Qui-Gon died because Obi didn’t use Force Speed to get to him and help against a superior opponent. … Related to Yoda being Obi Wan’s teacher, it’s strongly implied that it was Obi Wan’s pride which resulted in Anakin becoming his student, and that having Yoda train Anakin was an option he rejected.

How many Jedi did Vader kill?

eight JediAll eight of the Jedi were slain, but Tsui Choi had Vader on the defensive. Storm Troopers interrupted their fight, and technically, it was their blasters that finally brought Tsui Choi down; but as Vader had been fighting eight Jedi at once, the Sith Lord should be credited with the kill.

Who is the strongest Jedi?

Top 10 Strongest Jedi of All TimeKit Fisto (the one on the right)Plo Koon.Nomi Sunrider.Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mark Rain, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.Mace Windu.Revan.Yoda.Luke Skywalker.More items…•

Is Qui Gon a GREY Jedi?

Some members of the Jedi Order considered Qui-Gon Jinn to be a Gray Jedi. … While the term was used to refer to Force-users who walked the line between light and dark, Jedi were also labeled as Gray Jedi for distancing themselves from the Jedi High Council.

Who were Qui Gon’s padawans?

FeemorFeemor was a Human male Jedi Knight who served the Galactic Republic. The first Padawan to Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, Feemor was successfully trained to Knighthood by Jinn, who was in turn granted the title of Jedi Master.

Who has a black lightsaber?

Tarre Vizsla created the black lightsaber during the rule of the Old Republic (before the prequels). Unlike most lightsabers, the blade of the Darksaber is angled and looks more like a sword. The size and intensity of the blade can, according to lore, change based on the user’s emotions.

What killed Padme?

Palpatine already knew how to influence the midichlorians to create life and save people from dying. So, as Anakin was dying from his wounds on Mustafar, the Emperor siphoned the Living Force from Padmé and brought it to Anakin. Thus, she died as he was reborn as Darth Vader.

Who trained Yoda?

N’Kata Del GormoN’Kata Del Gormo was a Force-sensitive male Hysalrian Jedi Master who lived during the times of the Galactic Republic. According to legend, he found and trained Yoda and a Force-sensitive Human friend.