Quick Answer: Why Is Riven Hard?

Is riven hard to play?

She’s not hard to play, just hard to learn your limits I’d say.

You can pick up the combos and the animation cancels fairly easily, it’s just about knowing where to position yourself and when you should engage or go for a kill..

Is riven worth it?

For FUN, Riven is 100% great for that because she normally has a good lane phase and can escape a lot of situations. She does a lot of damage in 1v1’s and is generally a safe pick into a lot of matchups. However if you want to even attempt to main her to climb, i’d recommend someone else.

Is riven strong?

Riven is also just really strong on their own. In patch 9.8 so far, Riven is one of four S+ Tier champions, with a crazy high 53.19% win-rate (ranked 3rd) and a 13.3% pick-rate (ranked 1st).

Is riven good lol?

Riven is great for Twisted Treeline. Her strong early game and mobility with abilities help her to dominate top lane, as well as give her great ganking ability. She also performs very well in the jungle. After netting a couple of kills early, you should be able to snowball pretty hard.

How hard is riven Reddit?

Riven is a mechanical champ but what makes her hard is her lack of sustain and range. Her base hp regen is one of the lowest in the game meaning if you take a bad trade (or even an even one) you are in a worse spot than opponent.

Who are the hardest champions in lol?

Draven.Elise.Lee Sin.Rumble.Thresh.Twisted Fate.Vayne.Yasuo.More items…•