What Do You Call A Wealthy Neighborhood?

What is the most expensive neighborhood?

Here are the Top 10 NeighborhoodsAtherton, California (ZIP code: 94027) – Median list price: $10,194,000.

Los Altos, California (ZIP code: 94022) – Median list price: $6,326,000.

New York, NY (Tribeca) (ZIP code: 10013) – Median list price: $5,137,000.More items…•.

What is a another word for wealthy?

Some common synonyms of wealthy are affluent, opulent, and rich.

What’s another word for neighborhood?


Is Posh positive or negative?

Therefore being called posh might suggest you are being judged by someone who doesn’t understand your circumstances/background. It is also said frequently in a negative way – either openly, or in a subtle or passive aggressive way.

What is a posh girl?

1 smart, elegant, or fashionable; exclusive.

What is a antonym for wealthy?

rich loaded flush affluent moneyed. Antonyms. poor scarce underprivileged unfruitful tasteless.

What is the most expensive street in America?

Indian Creek Island RoadAppropriately known as “Billionaire Bunker,” the most expensive street in the U.S. is Indian Creek Island Road. With a median home value of a whopping $21.48 million, the street gained the top title of “15 Most Expensive Streets in America,” a list compiled by online real estate marketplace Zillow.

What is a posh neighborhood?

1 smart, elegant, or fashionable; exclusive.

What is the wealthiest neighborhood in the world?

The Richest Neighborhoods in the WorldKensington, London. Credit: Nirian / iStock. … Upper East Side, New York. Credit: OlegAlbinsky / iStock. … 16th Arrondissement, Paris. Credit: Pascale Gueret / iStock. … Los Altos, California. Credit: NNehring / iStock. … Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam. Credit: Frank Cornelissen / iStock. … Piper Point, Sydney. … Fisher Island, Miami.

How do you say someone is rich?


Which word in para 4 means wealthy?

Which word in para 4 means the same as ‘wealthy’? The word ‘well-off’ and ‘Luxuries’ are the same as the word ‘wealthy.

What’s the most expensive home in the world?

Antilia, in Mumbai, valued at $1 billion, is the world’s priciest private home, versus Buckingham Palace, which is open to the public. It’s owned by the chairman of Reliance Industries, the richest person in India.