What Does Have The Thought Mean?

Would you have thought grammar?

The I would have thought formulation is normally used in a context where some information has recently been given.

Depending upon the context it may imply that we are actually contradicting the information, or that we are expressing surprised acceptance..

Is ve’ve correct?

And yes, could’ve is an acceptable contraction. … Contractions are abbreviations of words blending together. Can’t is a contraction of “cannot.” Won’t is a contraction of “will not.” The proper contracted forms of could/would/should have look like could’ve/would’ve/should’ve.

Should have thought Meaning?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. I should have thought … I should have thought … British English used as a polite or joking way of showing that you disagree with what someone has said or think it is silly ‘Why isn’t it working? ‘ ‘I should have thought it was obvious.

Who is woulda?

Its means “Who would have thought it?” This is a phrase often used by older people. Whilst “woulda'” is not an official English word, rightly or wrongly is perfectly acceptable in spoken (not written) English these days. … What that means is a slured form of “Who would of thought that”.

Is would’ve a real word?

Would’ve is a spoken form of ‘would have,’ when ‘have’ is an auxiliary verb.

Who d a thought it 4 in a bed?

Joe Mallett, owner of the Who’d a Thought It in Grafty Green, appeared on Four in a Bed. The programme features four B&B owners scoring each other’s businesses before paying what they think their stay was worth.

Who would have thought it?

Who Would Have Thought It? (1872) is a semi-autobiographical novel written by María Ruiz de Burton. After a long period in which Ruiz de Burton’s work was almost completely unknown, the novel was rediscovered by critics interested in the history of Chicano literature, and republished to acclaim in 1995.

Who would thought or thunk?

As stated in the previous answers, thunk is informal. However, thunk as a noun is a legitimate computer-science term, derived from the the informal term’s meaning of “thought of”. Did somebody thunk you in the head? Just kidding.

How do you use the word thunk in a sentence?

Examples of thunk in a Sentence Noun The book landed on the floor with a thunk. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘thunk.

What is would ve?

Contraction of would have indicating a non-occurring action or state that was conditional on another non-occurring event in the past. We would’ve been warmer if you had closed the window. I would’ve gone if it hadn’t rained.

Is sunk a word?

Sank and sunk are two past tense conjugations of the same verb, so it is only natural that many writers get them confused. Sank is the simple past tense form. Sunk is the past participle form.

What kind of word is would have?

Past modals tell what could have, would have, and should have happened. To form these past modals, use could, would, or should followed by have, followed by a past participle verb. Use have for all pronouns; never use has or had to form a past modal.

Who would’ve thought look at us?

“Hey, look at us,” Rudd says, with Evans repeating him. “Who would’ve thought,” Evans says, with Rudd responding, “Not me.” It’s this brief exchange that has since gone viral and used as a response to everything from partners deciding on places to eat to following through with brunch after a wild night.

Would have us believe Meaning?

Definition of would have one believe : want/expect someone to believe (something) They would have us believe that all these problems can be fixed by raising taxes.

What does Who would have thought mean?

used to say that you are very surprised something has happened: So, Alex is going out with Hannah. Who would have thought it?